Node Login Boilerplate

Node Login Boilerplate

Node Login is a gentle step by step guide to setting up your first account management system in Node.js.

The boilerplate project demonstrates:

  • New user account creation
  • Secure password encryption
  • Updating & deleting accounts
  • Session tracking for logged-in users
  • How to reset passwords via email
  • And automatically detect returning users

Like many of my personal projects Node Login came about as I was teaching myself a new platform (Node.js). I had decided to rebuild something I had so often done before in other languages (like Ruby and PHP) to see how Node.js compared to what I was used to.

Since creating Node Login I have gone on to develop several other projects in Node.js (both personal and commercial) and haven't touched PHP since.

As of November 2018 Node Login is currently my most popular project on Github with over 1200 stars & 500+ forks.